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Upgrading your CCTV System

If your system no longer meets your needs, it's probably time to upgrade. Electric Spider CCTV can help with the best advice and experince irrespective of how old your existing system happens to be.

We often receive enquiries from new clients about their existing system, telling us that they are not sure how well it's working.

Sometimes their original installation company is no longer trading or they don't get the levels of support and help. Electric Spider CCTV has the experience and expertise to review your cctv system with you and see just how well it fits your current needs.

Our approach is the same if you are a business or a home owner, simply we consider your system as if it was our own. We will discuss your needs, analyze the existing system, adjust and reconfigure whatever is possible and work with you from a requirements statement so we know exactly what you expect.Image of video tape recorder

The most common action is to replace your existing recording system with a digital video recorder or for more complex systems a network video recorder. Quite often some of the cameras just need a little attention - cleaning, refocus of lens and adjustment of the field of view. That can save considerable money.

We still come across old vcr units recording footage to tape. Remember these - picture on the right. VCR!? - a definate candidate for replacement!

It may be that some cameras are simply not designed for the functionality you need in that location. Sometimes we can reallocate them to a different, more suitable location - if you are expanding your system. Unfortunately, we often come across cameras that have failed despite being not very old. In both of these examples the most common problem is where cheaper "budget" cameras have been installed - something we never do!Image of cctv camera

We have spent alot of time reviewing cctv cameras and other equipment. There is no substitute for high quality equipment and allocating the correct camera for the location and function for which it is designed.

There is a progression from analogue to digital systems and increasing use of IP cameras. At Electric Spider CCTV, we are proud that we have the knowledge and experience to help our customers install cost-effective upgrades to their cctv systems, enabling them to get the best return on investment.

The final consideration for upgrades and indeed any cctv system is the need for a support contract that includes remote support and at least an annual site visit.IMage of old rusty cctv cameras

The picture here shows an old system clearly not being maintaned correctly. It's an invitation to any criminal or person intent on creating mischief to see cctv cameras that are probably either not working, incorrectly aligned or out of focus. For the system owner it's a real waste of investment and an increased risk to your business or home. Don't allow your system to fall foul, read more about our support plans on this page.

If you need some advice considering upgrading your current cctv system, don't hesitate contact us using our website page details here

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