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Security Solutions for Your Home and Property

Electric Spider takes pride in protecting your home and family with the best solution available. Our experienced engineers are skilled in home security and CCTV system installation. Wel provide you with unbiased, expert advice on the best system for you.

Pet-friendly security systems

Pets are no problem for our security systems and we’re used to fitting bespoke, top of the range home security systems. We always recommend the best products for your particular needs – including pet-friendly motion detectors and we can even expand or update your existing system if it’s possible.

Integrated wireless security and Intelligent Home systems

Electric Spider has always stayed on top of the latest technologies and products. Our installers are experts in house security systems and can fit wireless security systems, if your premises are able to utilise wireless technology, then integrate it with Intelligent Home Technologies. You can read about Intelligent Home Technology here.

Monitored CCTV and security systems

It’s an unfortunate fact, but home burglar alarms are often ignored by neighbours. When you have an alarm professionally installed, you can get additional peace of mind with remote system monitoring and, if required, the added assurance that the police will attend if your alarm goes off. We can even have an alarm email you then you can check your home using your CCTV system which is accessed by your smartphone.

Outbuildings, stables and garage cctv and security systems

No two properties and families are the same, so we always carry out a full survey of your premises – including outbuildings, garages and grounds. Then we assess your specific requirements before designing a customised system using the latest products and technology.

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