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CCTV Remote Monitoring Services

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One of the main benefits of an Electric Spider installed CCTV system is that it can be monitored remotely. You can view your system from any workstaion on your local area network if you have one in operation and on the majority of systems, you can see your system using your smartphone.

Really useful if you are away from home or your business and want to know whats going on.

There are times though when its a benefit to have someone else looking after the system and your security. Thats where Electric Spider CCTV Remote Monitoring Services can really help.

Benefits for Business Owners

Electric Spider CCTV engineers have taken persoanl care and installed your system to what we believe are the best technical standards throughout the design, installation and commissioning stages,

After installation, we check cameras, detectors, lighting and if appropraite audio levels - making sure that the right areas are on view.

There are nightly camera checks and if the cameras have been obstructed, badly lit or damaged , we'll arrange a visit.

You can opt for daily reporting, giving the latest information about our services and any actions we have taken.

There is free technical support as you will be a supported customer.

We keep secure, comprehensive records including cctv images, actions, interventions and any changes you request to the system set up, key holders or other instructions.

It's a comprehensive and cost-effective aleternative to on-site or contracted security guards.

We can have direct audio links with your site to deter criminal activity and identify authorised staff.Image or Iphone remote viewer for CCTV

You can still remotely view your site from your computer or smart phone - whenever you like.

Benefits for Home Owners

What's great news is it just the same as for Business Owners!


If you have a cctv system and are thinking about using this type of service, we would like to talk with you so contact us using the details on our web page, we can certainly help.

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