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About our monitored cctv security systems

Using a monitored cctv security system from Electric Spider CCTV gives you complete piece of mind for your property or business premises.

Our systems have a number of options each simple to set up and can be used by owners either individually or in any combination.

Remote internet monitoring: at any time owners can log-in securely to view their system from laptop or computers based anywhere in the world through a secured system access process.

Smart phone monitoring: virtually the same as for remote internet monitoring and can be used on phone, android based devices and most popular hand held devices.

Picture of an automatic response centre in operation

Automatic response centres: since our systems are installed to professional standards we have business partners operating automatic response for alarm events and monitoring based here in the United Kingdom, running 24x7.

Every cctv system has hard disk recording which can be continuous or alarm triggered, able to send the owner a text message , email message with attached picture or combination of both. Recorded footage or events is available by simple search procedures on the digital video recorder. Owners can access this by any computer and again from any remote location.

If audio is required, this is standard on most or our cctv systems and is configured to suit the requirements of every owner.

On site monitoring can also be supplemented by an attached flat panel screen, computers (as described above) and also routed to TV systems

For any enquiries, a more detailed explanation or demonstration, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact details on our website.

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