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Intruder Alarms and Electronic Alarm Systems

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The hassle free system to keep you, your business & your family safe and secure

Our alarms systems are fully wireless (but can still use wired options) with a range of wireless devices made in the United Kingdom to security industry standards.

Alarm systems fitted by Electric Spider are designed to protect your business and home in any circumstance. Our system specialists will visit your home or business and discuss your security concerns and requirements with you. We then design a security solution to fit.

We pride ourselves on a smooth installation process with very little disruption.

Why and How? - because its a wireless alarm system.

No need to run wires - making the installation simple and fast as opposed to the more traditional approach of wires and cables.

So there is no need to lift carpets and floorboards, drill holes in ceilings or walls. All our detectors can be installed simply by a few mounting screws. Great! Very little mess - we bring along a vacuum too just in case there is a little drill dust - simple, fast, clean - leaving you to carry on with your daily life as normal but after installation you have the advantage of a thoroughly protected home and/or business.

Let's look at some other key features

Battery Monitoring/Saving

Every wireless device is monitored so you know when to call us to replace a battery before its useful life expires. Each device conserves battery power by entering sleep mode during periods when detection is not needed.

Arming and Disarming Methods

You have a choice of three different arming/disarming methods. You can enter a pin code on the keypad, present a prximity tag at the keypad or a proximity reader or use a coded keyfob by pressing buttons.

Our systems can automatically recognise home and away modes by recognising if you have walked out of the exit door (for an "away" armining mode) or your are still inside your office or home (for a "home" arm)

Other Safety Accessories

You can also add shock sensors, water leak sensors and smoke sensors to your system. We also have some long range PIR sensors for the larger room of office space and well as pet immune PIR sensors and curtain sensors too.

Our latest sensor range includes a digital quad PIR sensor that we can use in tricky areas where sometimes a false alarm is triggered by environmental conditions. This sensor operates on both infra-red and microwave technology requiring both to be triggered simultaneously before an alarm condition is relayed to the control panel.

Why are we proud to present our alarm system as a solution?

Simple - its made in the United Kingdom and based on two way wireless technology. That delivers all the beneficial features we have described on this page and makes it even harder for the intruder.

However for a more comprehensive discussion about wireless alarm systems please don’t hesitate to contact us at Electric Spider CCTV by using details on our contact page or simply

Call 0844 357 7125 – Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:00 UK time


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