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How IPCCTV works

IP CCTV Cameras and Systems work by using an existing IP-based computer network. Most business has its own computer and the majority of householders have a network too which they use for internet browsing.

IP CCTV cameras can easily be added to any IP-based network either by Ethernet wire or wirelessly by connecting securely to the networks router.

What’s really great is that IP CCTV simply extends the functionality of the network to include video and in some cases audio too.

IP CCTV Monitoring:

IP CCTV cameras and recorder video footage is simply viewed by any network connected device. That can be a laptop computer, tablet such as iPad or Smartphone such as iPhone. You can also see your IP CCTV cameras by adjusting your router to allow secure communications into the Internet. Great for when you are away.

IP CCTV Recording:

Video from IP CCTV cameras can be recorded and stored on a network computer that has a suitable technical specification. You can install CCTV management software on the computer to observe, playback and move recorder video footage to a secure storage location. Access to the system can be configured for various levels of authorisation. You might want some to be able to view the cameras but not have access to more sensitive features as an example. The IP CCTV system software can be operated by authorised users both on the local network and via the internet remotely.

An alternative to IP CCTV management software installed on a local network computer is to install a network video recorder which is similar to a computer server. This is a more powerful system than just the software but delivers the same features and more complex operations where needed.

Integrating Analogue CCTV Systems:

If you have existing Analogue CCTV systems on your site, there are integration options. IP Video Decoder units can be installed that convert IP communications into analogue signals that can then be seen on your Analogue CCTV system.

The flip side is where you have Analogue CCTV cameras that you want to use in an integrated IP CCTV system. Units called Video Encoders can convert the analogue signal from your Analogue CCTV camera into a digital signal that can be transmitted over an IP-based computer network.

These are great options where you would like to replace some existing Analogue or integrate existing analogue equipment into a modern IP CCTV system, protecting your existing investment and expanding the system to provide you with a comprehensive CCTV based security solution.


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