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Farm Security Systems

Your farms and property are highly vulnerable to theft and other crimes. It could be equipment, agricultural plant, fuel oil or livestock - it's sad but there is always someone who is ready to steal it or cause criminal damage.

At Electric Spider CCTV, we understand how the farming and other rural industries can be severly disrupted when criminals strike.Picture of typical rural area attracting crime

Rural crime particularly targets the agricultural sector and is continuing to increase where organised criminal teams selectively steal high value machinery, tools and other equipment, metal items, livestock and diesel fuel.

By investing in well planned security solutions utlising robust quality equipment, losses can be stopped and disruption due to tampering, accidents and criminal attacks can be minimised.

A quality farm security system can support farm and rural site management as well as help prevent crime.

How can we help?

Our security solutions fit any size, shape or type of farm!

We will design a solution that fits your farm or rural site. We dont believe in a one size fits all approach and after an initial visit where we discuss your concerns and issues, we will design a robust security solution specifically for you.

If you have theft from your site, detectors beams and/or CCTV systems can detect movement and trigger alarms, capture video footage for passing to the local Police, or have your site remoteley monitored through an automatic response centre with 24 hour monitoring.Picture of tractor in use, common target for theft

Traffic movements across your site can also be managed as well as any sensitive areas used for vehicle storage, livestock, workshops and saddleries.

Benefits to you

Your security solution will be future-proof and flexible, allowing us to adapt it for changing needs and expansion as and when you need it.

You can concentrate on running your business with the confidence that your have a robust and effective security in place.

Solutions that ensure your peace of mind, better sleep at night.

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