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Equine Security Solutions


As a Horse Owner or owner of a business in the Equine industry - how confident do you feel about your existing security systems and measures?

Crime statistics continue to show the trend that Rural and Equine Crime continues to increase so it's important to secure your property, tack and horses to deter theives and criminals - NOW!

It's a sad fact that in the last few years, the average cost of an insurance claim following an equine related theft or other crime has tripled, let alone the emotional cost and stress too.

Electric Spider CCTV offer a comprehensive crime and security service for the equine community.Picture of equestrian show

What are the benefits?

Through our individually designed security systems, we reduce the opportunities for criminals to target your property, tack and horses.

We can show you how to increase the chances of recovering any stolen property.

We reduce your fear of becoming a victim and give you peace of mind that you have the best security solution.

How do we achieve this?

We survey your site with you and discuss your concerns and any previous events.

We consider your site aspects, layout of property and buildings, any existing lighting and your existing business operations where appropriate, then how we can minimise losses and crime.

We design a solution thats unique to you, install the solution, train you in it's use and provide ongoing support through our remote management and support systems. Your solution may be CCTV, Alarms systems, Security Lighting and other electronic devices or a combination of any of these.Picture of stable block

Our electronic solutions are all accessible through an internet connection and smart devices so you know whats going on even when you are away from site.

We can supply and deploy the latest property and electronic counter measures such as SmartWater, Datatag and Tracker Systems.

As well as training you and your staff in use of your own security solution, we can advise and train on all areas of security awareness and personal safety.


Solutions that ensure your peace of mind, better sleep at night and confidence that you have the best security to ensure your business, tack, horses and property are safe and secure.


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