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Environment Policy for Electric Spider


At Electric Spider, we recognise the potential impacts that business has on our enviromnent and we take every possible step to reduce our watse and minimise carbon emissions.

Not only do we take responsibility for Electric Spider activities but we are proactive in encouraging our clients to do so as well.

Our Environment Commitment:

We comply with all environmental legislation, regulatory controls and best practices,

We minimise pollutions and waste wherever possible as part of any our our activities.

We reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources through our performance and efficiency standards.

Any unavoidable waste is disposed of according to legislation and responsibly.

Before any installations are carried out, we consider their impacts on the enviroment and make design decisions to mimimise effects.

We commit appropriate personnel and resources to meet the standards set out by this policy.

We work with our stakeholders to implement this environmental policy and its standards.

We continually review our standards and practices to ensure we always meet the very highest environmental standards in our work.


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