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Access Control Systems

Picture of a typical door entry system

You can safeguard your property by controlling who has access to it.

There are a number of different systems that can help you to achieve this

Intercom Systems - speak directly to visitos before allowing them to gain access by using audio entry systems,

Video Entry Systems - using high definiton video cameras, you can see who is standing at the door or gate. When you have identified them, a simple release mechanism can be operated to allow them to gain entry.

Proximity Readers - access control is made easy by utilising robust, low cost proxomity readers, A most effective method to maintain high security levels of entry and exit control.

Biometric Readers - another high security method similar to proximity readers but this method eliminates false clocking when a colleague is tempted to clock you in with their proxomity or swipe card.

Swipe Card Readers - low cost swipe carsd still provide an effective access control in lower risk scenarios but now superceded by biometircs and proximity readers wgere higher levels of security are required.

Gates, Swing-Arm Barriers and Rising Bollards are all effective physical options that can prevent unauthorised vehicle access to managed areas such as car parks and can provide a method to prevent buidlings attach from undesirables such as ram raiders.



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